Our aim is:

To offer you a beautiful and well-organized operation,

convinced the family atmosphere by cordiality and professionalism.

- From runner to runner 


About us:

Three ultra-marathon runners who sometimes even make a detour to the triathlon 


How KoBoLT started:


The  KoBoLT-Project started in 2010 in Chamonix after dissapointing experiences with the PTL and a race stoppage of UTMB caused by bad weather. While drinking some beers in our appartement, we recognized the lack of Qualifikation points for the following year. So we decided to organize our own Quali-race and within 3 month the first KoBoLT started, bringing the necessary points for Michael and Stefan to start 2011 in Chamonix.

Helmuth from Bonn:

Coming soon.......


Stefan from Bonn:



Michael from Bonn:

My 3 favorite races are: Cologne Marathon, Roentgenlauf + Thüringen-Ultra

(from 2013, the UTMB is added, because there's a finish!) ;-)